Yes, I admit it, I am a "Tildaholic"!

I'm absolutely crazy about Tone Finnanger's designs, and my sewing table is always covered

with small doll clothes and tiny body parts waiting to come to life.


* * *

Tilda's Teaspoon Lady . . .

. . . and her sister.

By the way, Mrs Teaspoon, also known as Mrs Pepperpot, is actually

the heroine in a series of children's books written by

the Norwegian author Alf Prøysen.

My Mrs Flowerpot is based on the pattern for the Teaspoon Lady.

I gave her a bright floral dress and put her in a flowerpot to add some colour to my kitchen windowsill.

Tilda's Mini Angel - without wings, as usual.

It's bedtime!

Time to take off these cute bunny slippers and put on your little sleep mask.

I've made this pretty Vintage Doll Angel for my mum - with some changes to the original design.

This gorgeous Little Ballerina is dancing on my bedroom dresser.

The lovely seahorse and its friends moved into my bathroom a few weeks ago and brought the sea along with them.

Who could resist this cute little squirrel?

A colourful vase, flowering branches, and some of these beautiful birdies

bring spring right into your home.

Happy Easter!

The Fruitgarden Angel was my very first Tilda project. It's actually a doll and not an angel because I used the pale pink fabric intended for the wings to make the heart and one of the strawberries in the second picture.